Kraslava municipality TIC

Pils street 2, Kraslava

Phone.: +371 656 22201, +371 26395176,

Working hours:

Oсtober- April:
Monday - Friday: 9.00 - 18.00
Saturday - Sunday: 10.00 - 15.00

May - September:
Monday- Friday: 9.00 - 18.00
Saturday - Sunday: 10.00 - 19.00


Kraslavas region is situated in the South-Eastern part of Latvia, where the European Union meets with Belarus. This is the place you want to return to! It is difficult to resist the charm of region lakes, which form fabulous natural landscape. Daugava, Latvia's determining river, flows through it. Kraslavas regional cultural environment is unique. It brings together several folk traditions, creating a common unique cultural image, which includes four different confessions, holiday celebrating traditions, national cuisine, dances, songs ... Kraslavas residents invite you to enjoy holidays on one of the lakesides, to try "copmaņa" luck, to relax in sauna, to lapse into daydreams, to admire sunsets and sunrises, to take a stroll while the early dew is still on the ground, to discover the nuances of the meal of the Latgalian culinary heritage, to acquire new emotions, while rafting on Daugava river from the Belarus border, to fall into the world of talent, provided by ceramicists, weavers and artists.


 10  reasons to visit Kraslavas region.  

1.      Enjoy the sun and wind play on 146 lakes of Kraslavas region!

146 lake diversity of Kraslavas region invites you to experience the joy of water, to relax in lake waters in the summer heat. Explore the water world and discover a new lake kingdom for yourself.

2.      Enjoy the natural flow of Daugava river!

There is a unique opportunity here to observe Daugava river, free, safe and proud, in its natural flow!!!

3.      Taste Latgalian culinary heritage!

Popular belief says that only a sated man is a good man. There have remained old cooking and drink preparing traditions with which to impress gourmets. Visit us, enjoy food and your stay, and you will have something to remember!

4.      Explore the multinational environment of the region!

There are not many such places in Latvia, where the various nations live together and practise their cultural traditions. This is an unusual environment with its unique "breath".

5.      Discover the border!

Belarus is just near at hand.. Close, close ... but not accessible. Krāslava county is the only border point in Latvia, where the water (river) boundary is protected.

6.      Enjoy the 18th century love story in the 21st century!

Plateru family played an important role in the development of Kraslavas region. They lived here, worked, celebrated holidays, they rejoiced and grieved here. They also loved ... The destiny had resolved the love of Kraslavas Graph descendant to be very sad ... This sad event is revived in stories and negotiations nowadays, as well , when walking in the courtyard of the park and in the park itself.

7.      Enjoy angler’s paradise!

There is something to do for both professional and amateur anglers! Daugava invites you for the catfishing. Various different lakes, every with its own fish stock, attracts anglers, moreover because there is a chance to catch a big pike, perch and tench here. An eel may seem an exotic catch, nevertheless eels do live here!

8.      Gain your peace of mind in one of the churches of 4 confessions!

Abrupt and sublime churches rise between the tops of the forests, on the lakesides and on the hills, their towers rise above everyday rush and worry. Beautiful pilgrimage, which intertwines with the historical events in Kraslava region is guaranteed.

9.      Enjoy Krāslava town festival!

Traditional Krāslava town festival is organized every year in the mid-July. Both town dwellers and visitors enjoy events and concerts, in which perform not only Krāslava dwellers, but also the guest artists.

10.  Explore ancient trade!

Excellent ceramicists, weavers and artists will introduce ancient trade skills to you, they will let you make a traditional whistle, or weave a strap by yourself.